UDP Networking


boolean testify_network_address_lookup(UnravelAddress *address, char *dns_name);

Description: look up a DNS address and turn it in to a IP and port. Returns TRUE if sucessfull.


THandle *testify_network_datagram_create(uint16 port);

Description: Opens a port for receving and sending UDP traffic on a specific port.


int testify_network_datagram_send(THandle *handle, UnravelAddress *to);

Description: Sends the data collected in handle to the IP and address specifyed in "to".


int testify_network_datagram_receive(THandle *handle, UnravelAddress *from);

Description: Querys for incoomming UDP packets. Returns 0 if no packets have arrived. If data has arrived the length of data will return and the "from" pointer will be filled out with the IP and port of the sender.