Sound Stream

Betray supports full 3D sound playback of preloaded clips. The user loads a mono clip in to the 3D sound engine and can then trigger it to play and movce anywhere in the environment with full surround and dopler. Please note that all these functions are defered to plugins to actiulay record and play out the sound.


uint betray_audio_stream_create(uint frequency, float *pos, float *vector, float volume, boolean ambient);

Description: load sound data in to betray


void betray_audio_stream_destroy(uint stream);

Description: Destroys a stream


void betray_audio_stream_feed(uint stream, uint type, uint stride, uint length, void *data);

Description: Feeds a stream, with


uint betray_audio_stream_buffer_left(uint stream);

Description: unload sound data


void betray_audio_stream_set(uint stream, float *pos, float *vector, float volume, boolean ambient);

Description: change settings for an already playing sound