Button and key

All keyboard and buttons can be read out using this API. All thes functiuons are convinience functions, as you can use the events in the BInputState structurte instead to get the same infromation.


boolean betray_button_get(uint user_id, uint button);

Description: was this button pressed this time step


void betray_button_get_up_down(uint user_id, boolean *press, boolean *last_press, uint button);

Description: what is the state of a button this and previous time step


boolean betray_button_get_name(uint user_id, uint button, char *name, uint buffer_size);

Description: get the name of the key


void betray_button_keyboard(uint user_id, boolean show);

Description: Tell the system that a beyboard is needed. (god for syetms with on screen keyboards)