Shader Debugging

These functions can be used to introspect a shader or a uniform block in order to help with debugging. These functions are not intended for release code but rathere as handy tools for debugging.


void r_shader_debug_print_shader(RShader *shader);

Description: Prints out of stdout the currents state of the shader including, name its inputs and outputs, uniforms and uniform blocks as will as the current uniform state.


void r_shader_debug_print_uniform_buffer(RShader *shader, uint8 *uniform_buffer, char *text, uint buffer_id);

Description: prints out the contnent of a user provided uniform buffer wiuth buffer_id. If uniform_buffer is set to NULL the shaders interanl uniform buffer storage will be printed. If uniform_buffer is set to -1 all internal unifomr buffers will be printed. If provided , the param text will provide a headline form the print out.