uint assemble_json_decimal_parce(char *text, int64 *real_output, uint8 *decimal);

Description: Parses a sring of numbers as a 64 bit integer coupled with a decimal point stored as a 8bit value.


double assemble_json_decimal_to_double(int64 real_output, uint8 decimal);

Description: Convets a 64 bit integer coupled with a 8bit decimal in to a double.


void assemble_json_decimal_from_double(double input, int64 *real_output, uint8 *decimal);

Description: Convets a double in to a 64 bit integer coupled with a 8bit decimal.


uint assemble_json_decimal_print(char *text, int64 integer, uint8 decimal);

Description: Print out the decimal number to the "text" pointer. The function does not terminate the string. The text param needs to have enough space to store the printed number either by using ASSEMBLE_JSON_DECIMAL_PRINT_MAX or by querying assemble_json_decimal_print_size. Returns the size in number of bytes.


uint assemble_json_decimal_print_size(int64 integer, uint8 decimal);

Description: Computes the precise number of bytes needed to print out a decimal number.